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Product Categories

Vacuum Forming

3 compartment cake tray

Cake roll tray

Date cookie tray

Cookie tray

5 compartment cake tray

Chocolate tray

Dates and nuts clamshell

Turkish Delight packaging

Cake tray

Restaurant meal package

Baklava tray

Moon pie tray

Cotton candy tray

Alvan Plast’s packaging and vacuum forming products include PVC, PET, metalized (golden and silver), PS and HIS industrial disposable containers. All these manufacturing processes are carried out on a 7000-square-meter lot with a 1500-square-meter floor area. Alvan Plast manufactures different types of food packaging including cake and chocolate trays in a variety of colors using vacuum forming, thermoforming and HIS sheets and the most up-to-date machines

Alvan Plast products include different types of disposable trays (for cakes, chocolates, cookies, cotton candy, nougat bars, baklava, lokum, etc.) and also packaging for dates, nuts and fruits

The following are a number of our product

Triangle and Square shaped dessert tray

Vacuum packaging suitable for Turkish Delights

3-Compartment date cookie container

9-Compartment date container

5-Compartment layered cake tray

3-Compartment round cake tray

Cake roll tray

Swiss roll tray

3-Compartment cookie container

Clamshell for nuts and dates

Meal package (suitable for restaurants, airlines, etc.)

Madar cookie container

Cocoa cookie container

Date cookie container with lid

Vacuum packaging suitable for baklava

Vacuum packaging suitable for cotton candy

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